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Forex Deposit Bonus Offer: The gates are open! Register now and enter into our FOREX trading competition. Use your skills to compete against other traders and win BIG prizes! REGISTER NOW!

Let the
Challenge Begin: This Challenge is an online trading competition. After successful registration every participant will receive a Forex trading account with 10,000 USD virtual money. With that account you can trade different currency pairs during three months. The WINNER is the one who will have the biggest account size at the end of the contest.

Forex Bonus Link: WIN1.500$ to Trade on a Live Account.

How To Apply:
1) Click in Register Now and complete the form.
2) Receive account number and password in your email.
3) Make as much money as you can.
4) WIN 1st Place and the 1.500$ Live Account will be yours!.

PrizePoll: Show your skills as a trader and you can win huge prizes.
1st Prize : $1.500, on a Live Account.
2nd Prize : $1.000, on a Live Account.
3th Prize : $500, on a Live Account.

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