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May 29: EUR/USD is at new highs – FBS

Forex TV Trading Plans: What's the short-term outlook for EUR/USD? What awaits gold? Watch the video to find out! Forex... Read More

May 28: Risk is returning – FBS

Forex TV Trading Plans: The Forex market is more risk-on compared to the previous days, hence the US dollar has given up... Read More

April 17: pacified moods in Forex market – FBS

Forex TV Video Trading Plans: Donald Trump announced a three-stage plan to re-open the US economy - that inspired bullish... Read More

April 13: Gold is at multiyear highs – FBS

Forex TV Trading Plans Video: The liquidity in the markets today is very thin due to the Easter Monday. Let's observe oil... Read More

April 10: oil is very disappointed! – FBS

Forex TV Trading Plans: Forex market starts very slow on Friday: GBP got a slight advantage over the USD on the British PM... Read More

Forex Trading Plans: April 9 – oil day – FBS

Most of the currency pairs are in a consolidation, waiting for confirmation that the US and Europe are seeing the infections... Read More

Forex TV: April 8: USD moderately up – FBS

Forex Trading Plans: Middle of the week, no big news, USD slightly up, GBP prone to weakness as the British PM still in... Read More

USD sliding down despite hopes for crisis exit – FBS

Forex Trading Plans: The virus situation keeps improving slowly but steadily; nevertheless, investors are still concerned... Read More

Forex Trading Plans April 6: weaker JPY and GBP

Forex Trading Plans: The week starts with weaker JPY and GBP, USD stays strong, gold rises to $1,620, and oil hopes for... Read More

April 3: USD is resilient ahead of NFP – FBS

Forex TV News: Global coronavirus cases have surpassed 1 million, US unemployment claims have doubled, oil has soared, and... Read More

Trading Plans: USD staying strong on April 2 – FBS

Forex Trading Plans: USD is almost the only currency showing confidence in Forex on April 2, currencies of developing... Read More

USD is awaiting manufacturing PMI April 1 – FBS

Forex TV Trading Plans: The US and Canada are awaiting the figures for manufacturing PMI for the short-term moves of the USD... Read More

USD is regaining its positions on March 31 – FBS

Forex Trading Plans: Forex is cautiously optimistic this Tuesday on limited hopes on general economic improvement. Forex... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 30 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: A new trading week has started! Find out what awaits EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and other currency... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 27 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: Let's look at the performance of EUR/USD, GBP/USD and gold on the last trading day of this... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 26 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: The US Senate approved a $2-trillion stimulus package, traders await US unemployment claims. How will... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 20 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: Forex and stock markets have softer mood this Friday as the tensions that have been there throughout the... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 19 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: The RBA cut the rate, pulling the Australian dollar even lower. GBP/USD is also facing fresh... Read More

Fores Trading Plan for March 18 – FBS

Fores Trading Plan: Trump's administration is discussing a stimulus package to fight the coronavirus. What awaits the... Read More

Forex Trading Plan for March 16 – FBS

Forex Trading Plan: Before the start of the Asian trading session, the RBNZ and the Fed cut the interest rates. The... Read More