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Shooting star trading strategy – FBS

A shooting star pattern is really popular among traders because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Elsewhere, this... Read More

Tips for Traders: Trading instruments – FBS

Every FBS trader has an opportunity to open positions on different financial assets such as stocks, indices, currencies and... Read More

Divergence: case study – FBS

Purpose Divergence is frequently used as an indication to predict future price movement. Like any other chart formation, it... Read More

Forex Archer trading strategy – FBS

It’s really hard to predict where the price will go without special tools. That’s why, most traders use trading... Read More

Are you skilled enough for a trader? – FBS

Forex Tips For Trading: Test for the true Guidebook diggers We know you love signals and hot news, right? However, if... Read More

Moving Average: sacred crossing – FBS

Foundations of technical analysis There is a great multitude of instruments in technical analysis. But this is not due to... Read More

How to stop worrying and love the market – FBS

We can repeat on and on until it becomes clear to everyone. The current situation in the market does not mean the end of the... Read More

Efficient Market Hypothesis – FBS

Matrix: You cannot beat the system as long as you move within this system. That’s also true with the market: you cannot... Read More

Tips Oz trading strategy – FBS

Everybody knows a fairy tale about the heroic orphan child Dorothy Gale and her little dog Toto whose house was blown into... Read More

Best 30-pips-a-day trading strategy – FBS

30-pips-a-day is a trading strategy used with the volatile currency pairs like GBP/JPY. That is because this approach... Read More

“The third candle” strategy – FBS

If you are familiar with the price action method, you should know the “Third candle” pattern. The pattern is proven to... Read More

Forex Tips: Base-150 trading strategy – FBS

Essence This is a trend-trading strategy. It allows determining trend and choosing entry points. Long-term Moving... Read More

A right approach to Forex trading – FBS

A grain of salt The problem with the Forex trading is that the market is so unimaginably huge (more than $5 trillion... Read More

Forex Tips: How to trade stocks with – FBS

Experienced investors always go by the rule that says “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It means that... Read More

Forex 5 Tips For Holiday Trading – FBS

The end of December and the start of January is a peculiar period for financial markets: trading schedule changes because of... Read More

Forex Tips: Triple Screen trading strategy – FBS

Introduction Beginner traders often look for a magic tool - a single indicator that would help them make big profits. They... Read More