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Offer 30% First Deposit Bonus Forex New Clients – HyperForex

Offer 30% first time deposit bonus for new clients to Hyper Forex participating in trading of tradable assets provided by Hyper Forex. By participating in this bonus program, client agrees and bound by this company terms and condition.

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Eligibility Criteria
 Every new client that makes first time deposit to Hyper Forex is eligible for 30% first time deposit for total rebate upto $3,000.
The client must be a new client to Hyper Forex and eligible to open and trade with Hyper Forex.
The deposit must be the client’s first time deposit to the client’s live trading account with Hyper Forex.
Accept the terms and condition of promotion.

Trading Terms
 The promotion is applicable to all tradable products provided by Hyper Forex.
The promotion is applicable to live trading account only. Demo trading account is not eligible for this promotion.
The promotion is eligible to only one live trading account per client which client registered when applied for the promotion.
If the client has multiple accounts with Hyper Forex, transferring between clients accounts or eWallet is not considered as deposit.

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