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GBP/USD looks persistent – FBS

Forex Market Analysis: GBP/USD formed a pin bar with a long lower shadow. This may mean that buyers are ready to resume the... Read More

Downside target for USD/CAD – FBS

Forex Market Analysis: USD/CAD has made an immense move to the downside on Tuesday falling by about 200 pips. The pair... Read More

Trade Signals: GBP/AUD: bearish reversal – FBS

Forex Market Analysis: GBP/AUD has breached the support line from August 2019. What is happening at the chart looks like a... Read More

Trade Signals: Technical levels for GBP/USD – FBS

The movement in GBP/USD hasn’t started yet, but it surely will. For now the pair’s consolidating in the 1.2390/1.2295... Read More

Trade Signals: NZD/USD is pulling down – FBS

Forex Trade Signals: NZD/USD may be on the verge of breaking to lower levels. The pair formed a doji candlestick with a long... Read More

EUR/USD has breached support – FBS

EUR/USD had been testing the support line connecting March and April lows. On Thursday, the pair slipped below this line.... Read More

Trade Signals: GBP-three factors – FBS

Technicals Strategically, the British pound is slowly sliding down against the USD. If we were to take into account only... Read More

USD/JPY is pressured by resistance – FBS

Forex Analysis: USD/JPY has declined from 111.70 and went into consolidation around 107.50. On the D1, we can see that... Read More

Trade Signals: STOCKS – mystery ahead FBS

Biology The virus spread is probably going through its toughest phase in Europe and the US, and its good news. Although the... Read More

GBP/USD: outlook remains bearish – FBS

In the current financial turmoil, the British pound doesn’t look like the currency of choice. At least, not versus the US... Read More

USD/JPY tries to recover – FBS

After testing the lowest levels since 2016 in the 101.18 area earlier this week, USD/JPY turned up and returned above... Read More

EUR/CAD: correction time? – FBS

After opening the week with a gap up, EUR/CAD formed two inside bars on the D1. This is the sign that the advance has run... Read More

USD/CHF: levels for trading – FBS

The decline of USD/CHF from February highs to March lows was epic. The pair reached support at 0.9185 (2018 low) and turned... Read More

Key levels for EUR/USD ahead of NFP – FBS

EUR/USD has reached December high at 1.1240 and is actively testing levels above it. The picture at the chart changes very... Read More

Want to choose a currency pair? Consider EUR/JPY – FBS

If you don’t want to deal with the violent moves of the USD these days, consider crosses, for example, EUR/JPY. The... Read More

Will EUR/CAD follow EUR/AUD? – FBS

The Bank of Canada will announce its interest rate decision at 17:00 MT time. According to the forecast, the regulator will... Read More

AUD/USD rose after the RBA meeting – FBS

As the market had expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia cut its interest rate from 0.75% to 0.5%. The Australian dollar... Read More

Oil is testing support – FBS

Forex Analysis: The recovery of WTI last week met resistance in the 54.60 area. The price formed a gap down on the mounting... Read More

GOLD: rising during a disaster – FBS

Time to worry: Simply put, things are getting worse. The virus keeps spreading, people keep dying, the Chinese economy is... Read More

Levels to trade USD/MXN – FBS

The volatility in USD/MXN has jumped. The pair is correcting up within the downtrend, which has been in place since... Read More