Month: April 2020

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Fundamental Analysis: How long will oil be down? – FBS

Oil is the subject of heated debates these days as nobody really knows what to do with the “humiliated” asset. Market traders are scared inRead More

Fundamental Analysis: AUD: long-term outlook – FBS

Tactical rise The Australian dollar has been doing pretty well lately. Specifically, the last 6 weeks give an almost identical picture for its performance againstRead More

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Forex Market News: Friday’s news digest – FBS

Let’s see what drives the market on April 24. US coronavirus aid package There are good and bad news from the US. The bad oneRead More

Trade Signals: GBP/AUD: bearish reversal – FBS

Forex Market Analysis: GBP/AUD has breached the support line from August 2019. What is happening at the chart looks like a pretty big change. TheRead More

NETFLIX stock: booming; for how long? – FBS

Rise amid crisis The daily chart below shows the performance of Netflix stock price since August last year. Its confident rise was checked by theRead More

Fundamental Analysis: EUR: the eye of the storm – FBS

Broken glass “Any two points can make a straight line” – that’s a fair reply to the picture below if I intend to convince youRead More

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Market News: Gold shines as bright as $3,000 – FBS

At the beginning of the American trading session on April 24, gold unveiled its hidden powers and was trading quite close to the $1,740 levelRead More

How much will British retail sales drop? – FBS

The British retail sales will be announced on Friday at 9:00 MT time. Instruments to trade: GBP/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CHF, GBP/JPY, GBP/NZD  Let us remindRead More

Trade Signals: Technical levels for GBP/USD – FBS

The movement in GBP/USD hasn’t started yet, but it surely will. For now the pair’s consolidating in the 1.2390/1.2295 area. The upside is limited byRead More

Currencies, oil and gold: a brighter picture – FBS

Focus of the week: currencies, oil & gold The market keeps fighting through uneasy times. Today, however, the picture seems to be sunnier than atRead More

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Netflix: earnings release on April 21 – FBS

You’ve probably heard that the Netflix stock soared as people are locked up at home amid the coronavirus pandemic and they have nothing to doRead More

Market News: Latest news you need to know – FBS

Oil went below zero The oil price dipped below zero the first time in its history and then rebounded back to its recent level atRead More

Trade Signals: NZD/USD is pulling down – FBS

Forex Trade Signals: NZD/USD may be on the verge of breaking to lower levels. The pair formed a doji candlestick with a long upper shadowRead More